The Hirsch conjecture

On May 10 2010, I announced a counter-example to the 53 year-old Hirsch conjecture. The very same day the news was on Gil Kalai's blog and on Wikipedia. This page contains some not very structured comments and information about the solution to the conjecture.

The paper(s)

The paper containing details of the proof has been published by Ann. Math. and is also available (in preprint form) from the arXiv: The following two papers partially answer questions that were left open in the first one (v2 of the first paper contains pointers to them): Expository and survey papers:

Talk Talk

Since June 2010 I have delivered talks on the counter-example in several places. You can look at the following versions.

Meet the press

On May 26, the news that a spaniard had solved a 50 year-old math problem got to the national press. You can see me on the webs of El Mundo, El País, ABC, La Vanguardia, La razón, 20 minutos, yahoo, El Diario Montańés, Europa Press, EFE,...

On May 27th the two local newspapers, Alerta and El Diario Montañes, devoted one page each to the news. On June 18 and June 21 respectively, ABC and El País published interviews with me. The weekly magazine Tiempo did the same on September 3:
I was also interviewed by several radio stations and even the spanish public national TV. My university also produced a video about the discovery.

Last but not least, sono infinitamente grato to Bernd Sturmfels for mentioning me and the discovery in an interview in La Stampa, on April 27 2011:
Update: Recently (2012) both La Recherche and New Scientist have featured articles about linear programming and the refutation of the Hirsch conjecture. ------WebKitFormBoundaryRLRXQ1YIou5fA3qg Content-Disposition: form-data; name="file2"; filename="" Content-Type: application/octet-stream