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  Associate Professor, University of Cantabria

So far, I have been thesis advisor of the following students:

Ph.D. Thesis

Francisco Alberto Luengo González (Thesis Dissertation: December 22nd 2005)
Title: "New Techniques for the Behavior Animation of Autonomous Virtual Agents"
University of Cantabria
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, "Summa cum laude"

Akemi Gálvez Tomida (Thesis Dissertation: March 7th 2007)
Title: "Computational Methods for Surface interrogation and Applications"
University of Cantabria
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, "Summa cum laude"
(co-advisored with: Prof. Jaime Puig-Pey Echebeste)

Current Ph.D. students:
Gonzalo Echevarría Martínez
Marta Collantes
Luis Cabellos
Andreina Avila

M.Sc. Thesis

Sergio del Valle Clemente (Thesis Dissertation: October 18th 2011)
Title: "Application of the Collective and Artificial Intelligence to a Customizable Videogame"
University of Cantabria
M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computation

Andreina Avila Torres (Thesis Dissertation: July 6th 2012)
Title: "Bezier and B-spline Curve Reconstruction Through Clonal Selection"
University of Cantabria
M.Sc. in Mathematics and Computation
(co-advisored with: Prof. Akemi Gálvez Tomida)

Current M.Sc. & M.Eng. students:
Carlos Loucera
Oscar Cosido

Eng. Degree Thesis

Diego Ansótegui González (June 1997)
Title: "Control of Chaos and its Application to Non-Linear Circuits"
University of Cantabria
Electronical Eng. Degree Thesis

Raúl Miguelez Salgado (October 1999)
Title: "Development and Implementation of Algorithms for Computer-Aided Geometric Design"
University of Cantabria
Industrial Eng. Degree Thesis

Rubén Martín Crespo (October 2010)
Title: "FONOFF - An On/Off-line Learning Platform"
University of Cantabria
Comp. Sci. Eng. Degree Thesis

Basic Data:

Image  Background
  * B.Sc. Mathematics (1992)
  * Ph.D. Applied Mathematics (1996)

ImageAcademic Positions
  * Associate Professor (9/2002-present)
  * Director Computer Graphics & Geometric
    Modeling Research Group

  Past Positions
  * Head of Department (7/2008-7/2012)
  * Ph.D. Studies Coordinator (11/2005-7/2012)

In a nutshell:


  * International papers: 122
  * Domestic papers: 14

  * International books: 11
  * Domestic books: 2


  * Chair/Organizer: 35
  * Steering Committee Member: 11
  * Program Committee Member: 133

  * Expert Evaluator in 8 Public Research Agencies:
      2004: National Science Foundation (USA)
      2009: Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)
      2009: 7th Framework Programme (European Union)
      2010: Research Promotion Foundation (Cyprus)
      2010: Icelandic Research Fund (Iceland)
      2011: Nat. Eval. & Foresight Agency-ANEP (Spain)
      2012: Nat. Eval. & Foresight Agency-ANEP (Spain)

  * In journals: 55 in 30 journals
      of which, in JCR: 36 papers in 21 journals

  * Reviewer in 121 international conferences.