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Lecturer. Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

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(+34) 942201532


Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Sciences.

Avda. de los Castros,s/n. Santander. 39005. Spain

University of Cantabria.

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My name is Domingo Gómez Pérez and I am a Lecturer in the University of Cantabria.

Previously, I worked in Johann Radon Institute for Computational and Applied Mathematics under the supervision of Univ.-Doz. Dr. Arne Winterhof.

Research Interest

My main research interests include (I also include some links to some interesting blogs):

  1. Cryptography: This is the main topic of my thesis and I'm trying to keep updated reading Daniel J. Bernstein's blog and Steven Galbraith's blog.

  2. Monte-Carlo and quasiMonte-Carlo Methods: During my stay in Linz, I learn a few things about this. I find quite interesting Josef Dick's blog.

  3. Data Mining: Something which I started really recently and I haven't found something that I follow regularly.

    In this case, I mention the webpages of J. L. Balcazar and Cristina Tirnauca, two friends and colleages.


My teaching duties this year include (the order was selected after a day of hard work working in this webpage):

  • Introducción a los Sistemas Inteligentes
  • Lenguajes de Programación
  • Lenguajes Formales
  • Módelos de Cálculo
  • Interacción Persona-Ordenador