Enumeration of lattice 3-polytopes with few lattice points

This is the data page accompanying the paper

The following files contain the full lists of lattice 3-polytopes of width larger than one and size (=total number of lattice points) up to eleven.

Details on the algorithm used and the theoretical justification for it can be found in the above referenced paper, and in Mónica Blanco's Ph.D. thesis. The Appendix in the thesis contains implementation details, including all the code, in MATLAB.

For each size, "properties" links to a zipped folder containing one .txt file for each polytope, with a list of properties of it; "latticepoints" links to a .txt file with all the polytopes of that size, each given as a list of its lattice points. (In sizes 10 and 11 the file is divided into several parts, with at most 10.000 polytopes each).

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