Supervision of Graduate Thesis and Final Year Projects

1)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Carmen Marco de Lucas. Universidad de Cantabria (1988).
       Title: "Characterization of Precipitates and Optical Properties of Mn2+-doped Ionic Crystals "
                (In Spanish)

2)    ERASMUS Project. Author: Bruno Baticle. Université Joseph Fourier. Grenoble (1993)
       Title: "Optical and Structural Characterization of CuCl64- Complexes in Materials doped 
                with Cu2+" (In Spanish)

3)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Amaya Moral Arce. Universidad de Cantabria (1995)
       Title: "Optical Absorption and Luminescence under High Hydrostatic Pressure:
                 Development of a new double-beam spectrometer" (In Spanish)

4)   ERASMUS Project. Author: Shahed Shariff. De Monfort University, Leicester, UK (1995)
       Title: "Research into active catalyst preparation anisotropic crystal synthesis " (In English)

5)  Graduate Thesis. Author: David Hernández Manrique. Universidad de Cantabria (1998)
       Title: "Optical Properties of NH4MnCl3 and MoCuO4 under High Pressure" (In Spanish)

6)   Final Year Project. Author: Sonia Niquège. INSA. Lyon, France (1998)
       Title: "Study of Defects in Silicon by Optical Absorption and Luminescence" (In French)

7)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Eva Gutiérrez Berasategui. Universidad de Cantabria (1999)
       Title: "Study of Non-radiative de-excitation proceses in Ca1-xSrxF2: Mn2+ (x = 0-1)
                luminescent materials through pressure spectroscopy" (In Spanish)

8)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Fernando Aguado Menéndez. Universidad de Cantabria (2002)
       Title: "Effect of pressure on the Jahn-Teller distortion in NaMnF4 and TlMnF4" (In Spanish)

9)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Ignacio Hernández Campo. Universidad de Cantabria (2002)
       Title: "Thermal and pressure effects on the Mn2+ luminescence in pure (NH4MnCl3) and
                Mn-doped(Ca1-xSrxF2: Mn2+) compounds" (In Spanish)

10)   Graduate Thesis. Author: Sara García Revilla. Universidad de Cantabria (2002)
        Title: "Spectroscopic study of  Al2O3: Cr2+ under hydrostatic pressure" (In Spanish)

11)    ERASMUS Project. Author: Cyril Alegret. Université Joseph Fourier. Grenoble  (2002)
         Title"Optical aproperties of the CrF63- Complex formed in A2BMF6: Cr3+ elpasolite crystals" 
         (In English)

Ph.D. Thesis supervised

1)    Title: "Spectroscopic Study of Cu2+- doped NH4Cl1-xBrx crystals: Influence of Structural Phase
                 Transitions" (In Spanish)
       Doctor: Ana Gómez Breñosa.
       Universidad de Cantabria (1992). Supervised jointly with Prof. Miguel Moreno

2)    Title: "Influence of Structure and Phase Transitions in the Optical Properties Transition Metal
                 Complexes" (In Spanish)
        Doctor: Carmen Marco de Lucas.
        Universidad de Cantabria.(1992).

3)    Title: "Charge Transfer Spectroscopy of Cu2+ systems . Structural Correlations" (In Spanish)
        Doctor: Rafael Valiente Barroso.
        Universidad de Cantabria.(1998).

4)    Title: "High-pressure behaviour of Jahn-Teller systems of Cu2+ and Mn3+ . Structural Correlations" (In Spanish)
        Doctor: Fernando Aguado Menéndez.
        Universidad de Cantabria.(2005).

5)    Title: "High-pressure induced new photoluminescent phenomena in Mn2+ and Cr3+ systems" (In Spanish; English resume)
        Doctor: Ignacio Hernández Campo.
        Universidad de Cantabria.(2006). Obtained the European Doctorate Mention