Personal Information

Male. White/Hispanic/North Atlantic European. 1.69 meters tall, 79 kg. weight, chestnut hair, green chestnut eye color. Bad health, according to himself, but in great condition, according to medical doctors.

Born in Oviedo, Asturias, Spain, 1949. Educated as Roman Catholic. Able to manage himself in English, French, Italian. Able to understand something of most other Latin-origin languages (Catalan, Portuguese, etc..). Guesses a few words in German.
World is confusing enough, anyway.

Married to Isabel Miranda since 1973. Two sons, the youngest working with computer networks, the oldest working on environmental physics. Both married. Four grandsons, one granddaughter.

Likes sports, but not competition. Outdoor life: mountain hiking, snow shoeing, bikes. Music, any kind. Dancing. Poetry, literature.

Has a driving license, likes to drive.

Practices a very Spanish schedule (evening ends at 2 a.m., morning starts at 10 a.m. or later). Omnivore.

Ex-Severe pipe smoker.

Supports European Union idea and European way of life, but enjoys alternatives.