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  • Journal Articles
  • Study of Different Mathematical Approaches in Determining the Dynamic Rating of Overhead Power Lines and a Comparison with Real Time Monitoring Data.

  • Comparison between IEEE and CIGRE Thermal Behaviour Standards and Measured Temperature on a 132-kV Overhead Power Line.

  • A Comparative Study of Electric Load Curve Changes in an Urban Low-Voltage Substation in Spain during the Economic Crisis (2008–2013).

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  • Methodology for the Low-Cost Optimisation of Small-Wind Turbines.

  • Aportaciones al Modelado del Transformador en Alta Frecuencia.

  • Power Quality. Monitoring, Analysis and Enhancement.

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  • Operational Aspects of Dynamic Line Rating. Application to a Real Case of Grid Integration of Wind Farms.

  • A Comparison of Mechanical and Ultrasonic Anemometers for Ampacity Thermal Rating in Overhead Lines.

  • Differences Using Measured and Calculated Solar Radiation in Order to Estimate the Temperature of the Conductor in Overhead Lines.

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    • Teaching Innovation Projects
  • Development of a Virtual Platform for Simulation of Electrical Systems (DEVISI).

  • Application of a System for Automatic Response to Monitoring and Improving the Participation of Students in the Classroom (APOYA).

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  • DYNELEC: Dynamic Management in Lines, Fail Analysis and Quality of Supply in Distribution Viesgo Network.

  • SPADI: Predictive System for Dynamic Management of Overhead and Underground Power Lines.

  • REDACTIVA: Innovation on Isolated Neutral Distribution Grid Automation .

    • Patents
  • Methodology for the Calculation and Prediction of Ampacity on Overhead Power Lines According to the Choice of Critical Sites.

  • Method and System for Direct Measurement and no Contact of Surface Temperature in a Cable

  • Control System of Comsuption of Electric Energy in User Instalations.


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