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Departamento CITIMAC
Universidad de Cantabria
Avda. de los Castros s/n
E-39005 Santander (Cantabria)

E-mail:  javier.junquera -- unican es
Phone:  +34-942-20-15-16
Fax:      +34-942-20-14-02

ResearcherID: G-7224-2015
ORCID identification: 0000-0002-9957-8982
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Latest news

February, 12th 2020: Awarded with the XIX Prize Juan María Parés of the Social Council of the University of Cantabria. Read full story here.

January, 17th 2020: Growing a SIESTA Community in Kenya. The first SIESTA school in Kenya took place in Kakamega. Read full story here.

October, 12th 2019: The interview done by Physics World after the invited talk at the 20th Trend in Nanotechnology Conference, already available as a podcast. Read and listen the full story here

October, 7th 2019: The paper in Investigación y Ciencia (Spanish version of Scientific American) on Negative Capacitance has been published and available in this link

September, 20th 2019: The SIESTA paper accumulates over 10 000 citations according to Google Scholar, becoming the sixth more cited paper over all scientific fields in the history of Spain.

September, 12th 2019: A tale of success: The experience of Kenyan student James Sifuna at the University of Cantabria, highlighted in the African Physics Newsletters. Read full story here.

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