Enrique Castillo

University of Cantabria,

E-mail: castie@unican.es

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Personal Data (Index)

  • Name: Enrique Castillo Ron
  • Birth date: 17/10/1946
  • Birth location: Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
  • Civil status: Married
  • Children: Carmen, Enrique, Eva, Puri and Sergio.
  • Address: Avda. Castañeda 37 A - 2 Izda. 39012 Santander (Cantabria)
  • Phone:(34)(42)(201722)
  • Fax:(34)(42)(201703)
  • e-mail:castie@unican.es
  • e-mail:castie@ccp-cr.uclm.es


    Education (Index)

  • Bs Degree in Civil Engineering (Polytechnical University of Madrid), 1969 .
  • Bs Degree in Mathematics (Complutensis University of Madrid), 1974
  • Ph. D. Degree in Civil Engineering (Northwestern University (USA)), 1972

  • Ph. D. Degree in Civil Engineering (Polytechnical University of Madrid), 1973


    Positions awarded (Index)

  • Instructor 1968-72. Polytechnical University of Madrid. School of Civil Engineering.
  • Associate Professor 1973-76. Cantabria University.
  • Full Professor 1976-1998. Cantabria University.
  • Full Professor 1998-2000. University of Castilla-La Mancha.
  • Full Professor 2000-2001. Cantabria University and University of Castilla-La Mancha.
  • ViceDean of the Civil Engineering School. Cantabria University (1975, 1982).
  • ViceRector of Cantabria University (1977, 1978).
  • Department Head of the Applied Mathematics Department. Cantabria University (1975-1984).


    Prizes and Condecorations (Index)

  • Gold Medal to the Best High School Student (1964).
  • Guerra Rubio Prize (1969).
  • Accesit to the National Graduation Prize (1968-69).
  • Bronze Victor to the Professional Merit (1969).
  • Entrecanales Prize to the best Ph. D. Thesis in Geotechnics (1974).
  • Ph. D. Degree Extraordinary Prize (1973).
  • Estrela Project Prize to the Best Multimedia Teaching Software (1991).
  • Gold Medal. University of Castilla-La Mancha (2001).
  • Academy of Engineering (Founded Member).


    Courses Taught (Index)

  • Statistics(1973-2002).
  • The Calculus of Variations and its Applications to Engineering (1974- 75).
  • Functional Analysis and its applications to Engineering (1975-76).
  • Statistics and Simulation Applied to Engineering (1976-77).
  • Analysis of Variance and Experimental Design (1977-78).
  • Biostatistics (1980-81).
  • Time Series (80-81).
  • Extreme Value Distributions (83-84).
  • Extremes and Other Order Statistics. Applications. (86-87 and 87-88).
  • Data Bases (86-87, 87-88 , 88-89, 89-90).
  • Expert Systems (87-88, 88-89, 89-90, 90-91, 91-92, 92-93, 93-94, 94-95, 95-96, 96-97, 97-98,98-99,99-00).
  • Functional Equations (89-90, 90-91, 91-92, 92-93, 95-96)
  • Introduction to Multimedia and Authoring Languages (91-92, 92-93, 93-94 y 94-95)
  • Introduction to Symbolic Calculus: Mathematica (93-94, 94-95, 95-96, 96-97, 97-98)
  • Introduction to Java Programming (96-97, 97-98)
  • Mathematical Optimization and Applications (00-01, 01-02, 02-03)


    Professional Activities (Index)

  • Calculus of Bridges and Structures (1966-1968)
  • Design and Calculus of Foundations (Intecsa) (1968-69)
  • Geotechnical Reports (Laboratorio del Transporte y Mecánica del Suelo) (1969-1970 and 1972-73)
  • Risk analysis in Nuclear power Plants(1984-90)
  • Development of a computer program for the automatic calculation of structures for buildings including budgets and manufacture information (Steel Beton, S.A.) (with Valentín Arroyo Fernández).


    Consulting work (Index)

  • Design and Calculus of Flexible Retaining walls and Sheetpilings
  • Stability of Slopes in Soils and Rocks
  • Risk Analysis
  • Statistical Selection of Design Values in Engineering Works
  • Programming (I have programmed in eleven different languages, going from machine language to C++ and Java).
  • Expert Systems.
  • General Probability and Statistics
  • Extreme Value Analysis


    Artificial Intelligence Research Group (Index)

  • Enrique Castillo belongs to the Artificial Intelligence Group with members from the Universitry of Cantabria and Cornell University (USA) AI Group


    Visiting positions (Index)

  • University of Manchester, Great Britain (1 month) (1983)
  • ETH-Zurich, Switzerland (3 months) (1983-84)
  • Temple University, USA (12 months) (1985-86)
  • Universidad Lorand Eotvos (Budapest) (1990-91)
  • Universidad de San Juan (Argentina) (1993)
  • Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (Chile) (1993)
  • Universidad Nacional del Nordeste en Corrientes (Argentina)(1998,1999,2000,2001,2002)
  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional en Resistencia (Argentina) (2000)
  • Universidad Nacional de Misiones en Posadas (Argentina) (2000, 2002, 2003)


    Memberships (Index)

  • Member of the Spanish Academy of Engineering.
  • American Statistical Association
  • International Statistical Institute
  • American Mathematical Society
  • Sociedad Española de Mecánica del Suelo y Cimentaciones
  • Sociedad Española de Métodos Numéricos en Ingeniería.
  • Sociedad Española de Investigación Operativa, Estadística e Informática.


    Books and Monographs (Index)

  • E. Castillo, A. Iglesias and R. Ruiz-Cobo. Functional Equations in Applied Sciences. Elsevier, 2004.
  • J. R. Ruiz-Tolosa and E. Castillo. Moving from Vectors to Tensors. Springer. Universitext, 2004.
  • E. Castillo, A. S. Hadi, N. Balakrishnan, and J. M. Sarabia. Extreme Value and Related Models with Applications in Engineering and Science, Wiley, 2004.
  • E. Castillo, A. Conejo, P. Pedregal, R. Garcia and N. Alguacil. Building and Solving Mathematical Programming Models in Engineering and Science. John Wiley and Sons, 2001.
  • E. Castillo, A. Cobo, F. Jubete and E. Pruneda. Orthogonal sets and polar methods in Linear Algebra. Applications to matrices, systems of equations and inequalities and linear programming . John Wiley and Sons, 1999). 422 pages. ISBN: 0-471-32889-8.
  • B.Arnold, E.Castillo, and J.M. Sarabia. Conditional Specification of Statistical Models. Springer Verlag, New York, 1999. 424 pages. ISBN: 0-387-98761-4.
  • E.Castillo, A. Cobo, J. M. Gutiérrez and E. Pruneda. Functional Networks with Applications. Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1998. 309 pages. ISBN: 0-7923-8332- X.
  • E. Castillo, J.M. Gutiérrez, and A.S. Hadi. Expert Systems and Probabilistic Network Models. Springer Verlag, New York, 1997. 600 pages.ISBN: 0- 387-94858-9.
  • E.Castillo. Extreme Value Theory in Engineering. Academic Press, New York, 1988. 389 pages. ISBN: 0-12-163475-2.
  • E. Castillo and R. Ruiz-Cobo. Functional Equations in Science and Engineering. Marcel Dekker, New York, 1992. 328 pages. ISBN: 0-8247-8717-X.
  • E.Castillo and E.Alvarez. Expert systems. Uncertainty and Learning. Elsevier Applied Science and Computational Mechanics Publications, London and New York, 1991. 331 pages.
  • B. Arnold, E. Castillo, and J. M. Sarabia. Conditionally Specified Distributions, Lecture Notes in Statistics No. 73. Springer Verlag, New York, 1992. 150 pages. ISBN: 0-387-97794-5.
  • E. Castillo, E. Alvarez, A. Cobo, and T. Herrero. An Expert System for the Analysis of Extreme Value Problems. University of Cantabria, Santander (Spain), 1993. 57 pages. ISBN: 84-604-7299-X.
  • E. Castillo and E. Alvarez. Sistemas Expertos. Aprendizaje e Incertidumbre. Editorial Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1989. 334 pages.
  • E. Castillo and E. Alvarez. Hypercard e Hipertalk. Hipertexto para Macintosh. Editorial Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1991. 327 pages.
  • E. Castillo, E. Alvarez, J. M. Gutiérrez, A. Iglesias, and A. Cobo. SuperCard. Más Allá de Hypercard. Editorial Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1993. 425 pages.
  • E. Castillo and R. Ruiz-Cobo. Ecuaciones Funcionales en la Ciencia, la Economía y la Ingeniería. Editorial Reverté, Barcelona, Barcelona, 1993. 358 pages. ISBN: 84-291-5019-6.
  • E. Castillo, A. Iglesias, J. M. Gutiérrez, E. Alvarez, and A. Cobo. Mathematica. Editorial Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1993. 534 pages. ISBN: 84-283- 2017-9.
  • E. Castillo. Introducción a la Estadística Aplicada con Mathematica. D. Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1993. 374 pages. ISBN: 84-604-0299-1.
  • E. Castillo, Angel Cobo, Cristina Solares y Patricia Gómez. Java. Un lenguaje de programación multiplataforma para Internet. Paraninfo, S.A., Madrid, 1997.574 pages. ISBN: 84-283-2368-2.
  • E. Castillo, J.M. Gutiérrez,, y A. S. Hadi. Sistemas Expertos y Redes Probabilísticas. Academia de Ingeniería, Madrid, 1997. 626 pages. ISBN: 84-600-9395-6.

  • E. Castillo, A. Cobo, F. Jubete and E. Pruneda. Introduccion a las Redes Funcionales con Aplicaciones. Editorial Paraninfo, S.A. 319 pages. ISBN: 84-283- 2525-1.
  • J. R. Ruiz Tolosa y E. Castillo. Caminando de los Vectores a los Tensores. Academia de Ingeniería, Madrid, 2005. 679 pages. ISBN: 84-95662-31-0.

    Free pdf copy of two chapters of the book and all examples GAMS code
    "Building and Solving Mathematical Programming Models in Engineering and Science "
    available here

    (English version)


    Free pdf copy of the book
    "Formulación y Resolución de modelos de Programación Matemática en Ingeniería y Ciencia "
    available here

    (Spanish version)


    Free pdf copy of the book
    "Expert Systems and Probabilistic Network Models"
    available here
    available here

    Mac Software here

    (only Spanish version)



    Download A pdf file for Functional Networks

    Journals with papers published by E. Castillo (Index)


  • Anales de Ingeniería Mecánica.
  • Boletín del Laboratorio del Transporte y Mecánica del Suelo
  • Boletin de la Sociedad Española de Mecánica del Suelo y Cimentaciones.
  • Hormigón y Acero.
  • Elektrika.
  • Geotechnique.
  • IABSE Proceedings.
  • IEEE Transactions on Reliability.
  • IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics.
  • International Journal for Numerical and Analytical Methods in Geomechanics.
  • International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering.
  • International Journal of Fatigue.
  • International Journal of Fracture.
  • Journal of Engineering Mechanics. ASCE.
  • Journal of Geophysical Research.
  • Journal of the Geotechnical Engineering Division. ASCE.
  • Journal of Research of the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
  • Journal of Waterways, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. ASCE.
  • Naval Research Logistic Quarterly.
  • National Institute of Standards and Technology (Special Publications).
  • Nuclear Science and Engineering.
  • Reliability Engineering and System Safety.
  • Revista de Obras Públicas.
  • Revista del Laboratorio del Transporte y Mecánica del Suelo.
  • Water Resources Bulletin.

    Mathematics and Statistics

  • Aequationes Mathematicae.
  • Analysis Mathematica.
  • Annales Universitatis Scientiarum Budapestinensi de Rolando E\"otv\"os nominatae. Sectio Computatorica.
  • Applied Mathematical Modeling.
  • Bulletin of the International Statistical Institute.
  • Central European Journal for Operations Research and Economics.
  • Communications in Statistics. Theory and Methods.
  • Computational Statistics and Data Analysis.
  • Environmetrics.
  • Estadística Española.
  • Gaceta Matemática.
  • IAPQR Transactions.
  • Indian Journal of Agricultural Research.
  • International Journal of Mathematical Education in Science and Technology.
  • Journal of Applied Physics.
  • Journal of Applied Probability.
  • Journal of the American Statistical Association (JASA).
  • Journal of Multivariate Analysis.
  • Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference.
  • Lecture Notes in Statistics.
  • Journal of Propagations in Probability and Statistics
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications.
  • Mathematica Journal.
  • Metrika.
  • Pakistan Journal of Statistics.
  • Physics Letters.
  • Questióo.
  • Revista Matemática Hispano-Americana.
  • Sankhya.
  • SIAM Journal on Matrix Analysis and Applications.
  • Statistical Science.
  • Statistics.
  • Statistics and Probability Letters.
  • Stochastica.
  • Technometrics.
  • The Statistician. Royal Statistical Society C.
  • Trabajos de Estadística e Investigación Operativa.

    Computer Science

  • ACM Transactions on Graphics.
  • Artificial Intelligence.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Engineering.
  • Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering.
  • Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering.
  • International Journal of Approximate Reasoning.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Networks.
  • Neural Computation.
  • Neural Processing Letters.
  • Microcomputers in Civil Engineering.


  • Economics Letters.
  • Journal of Economic and Social Research.
  • Journal of Econometrics.
  • Southern Economic Journal.


  • Acta Otorrinolaringológica Española.
  • Allergol. et Immunopathol.
  • Gastro-enterología y Hepatología.
  • Hacienda Pública Española.
  • Infodidac.
  • Revista de la Universidad de Santander.


    Publications (Index)

    Publications list

    Download a list of publications

    Research Projects (1982-2000) (Index)

  • Analysis of fatigue tests by the maximum likelihood method. Application to stay tendoms bridges. Fundación Leonardo Torres Quevedo. (1984). (Project director).
  • Statistical modelling of fatigue tests and extension to PROT tests of variable stress. A comparison with standard tests. Fundación Leonardo Torres Quevedo. (1985). (Project director).
  • Proyecto PRA: Probabilistic Risk Analysis of the Garoña nuclear power plant (Nuclenor) (1984-88) (Project director).
  • Project of collaboration of Nuclenor with the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences in several topics (1984-90). (Project director).
  • Application of expert systems to medical diagnosis in Cantabria. Fundación Marqués de Valdecilla. (1987).
  • Implementation of a rule based expert system. Fundación Leonardo Torres Quevedo. (1987). (Project director).
  • Dependence models for fatigue analysis of long elements. Experimental analysis. (1990) Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología.
  • Applications of functional equations to Economics and Engineering. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento. (1990), Proyecto PB90-0339. (Project director).
  • Computer aided instruction with multimedia (1991). Apple Computer. (Project director).
  • Technology transfer of advanced statistical methods. Centro de Estudios y Experimentación de Obras Públicas (CEDEX) y la Fundación Leonardo Torres Quevedo. 1992. (Project director).
  • Expert system for extreme value analysis. Application to Engineering design. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento, 1991, Project PB91-0302. (Project director).
  • Symbolic computation of functional equations. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento, 1992, Project PB92-0504. (Project director).
  • Computer aided instruction. "Cabo Mayor" group for developing software for computer aided instruction in different levels. We have developed programs for teaching the following topics: Read-writing for kids, basic arithmetic, complex numbers, games, conjugating all verbs of the Spanish language, etc., using Toolbook, Hypercard, Plus and Supercard. These programs include hot words, graphics, animations, sound, speech, etc. (Project director).
  • An expert system to choose a profession. Application to the Cantabrian population. Caja de Ahorros de Santander y Cantabria. (1993). (Project director).
  • Conditionally specified distributions I. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento, 1992, Project PB92-0500.
  • Learning and symbolic calculus in Bayesian networks. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento, 1994, Project PB94-1056. (Project director).
  • Conditionally specified distributions II. Dirección General de Investigación Científica y Técnica. Programa Sectorial de Promoción General del Conocimiento, 1994, Project PB94-1060
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and symbolic calculus in Bayesian networks. Programa Nacional de Tecnologías de la Información y de las comunicaciones, 1996, Project TIC96-0580
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and symbolic calculus. Incidence of calculation methods on the safety of nuclear power plants, 1996. Iberdrola.
  • Sensitivity and uncertainty analysis and symbolic calculus in Bayesian networks. CICYT :TIC96-0580.
  • Multidimensional Bayesian analysis using conditioned specified distributions. DGICYT: Proyecto PB96-1261. (1997), (Investigador).
  • Exact and approximate compatibility of conditionally specified distributions. DGICYT: Proyecto PB98-0421. (1999-2000). (Project director).
  • The failure probability-safety factor method with sensitivity analysis. Application to Civil Engineering design. DGICYT: Proyecto DPI2002-04172-C04-02. (2002-2005). (Project director).


    Directed Ph. D. Theses(Index)

  • 33 Ph. D. Theses in Civil Engineering, Statistics, Mathematics and Computer Science.


    Invited Lectures (Foreign Universities) (Index)

  • Extreme Value Analysis of Engineering Problems, Varsaw University (Poland), 1981.
  • Statistical Applications in Soil Mechanics, Northwestern University, Department of Civil Engineering, USA, 1982.
  • Some Applications of Expert Systems, Lorand Eotvos University of Budapest, (Hungary), 1990.
  • Applications of Functional Equations, Lorand Eotvos University of Budapest, (Hungary), 1991.
  • Modelling based on Functional Equations, San Juan University (Argentina), 1993.
  • Extremes in Engineering Applications. NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), USA. (April, 1994)
  • Applications of Functional Equations, Las Villas University (Santa Clara (Cuba)) (March, 1994)
  • Applications of Functional Equations, Manizales University (Fundema) (Colombia) (April, 1994)
  • Teaching Plans in the University of Cantabria, San Andrés National University (Lima, Perú) (April, 1994)
  • Expert Systems and Bayesian Networks, Catholic University of Lima (Perú) (April, 1994)
  • Applications of Functional Equations and "Expert Systems and Bayesian Networks", Catholic University of La Paz (Bolivia) (April, 1994)
  • Functional equations",Universidad Mayor de San Andrés (La Paz (Bolivia)) (April, 1996)
  • Aplicaciones de las Ecuaciones Funcionales a la Ciencia, la Economía y la Ingeniería", Universidad Autónoma Tomás Frías (Potosí (Bolivia)) (Abril, 1996)
  • Functional Equations, Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Corrientes (Argentina)). (June 1997).
  • Functional Equations and Functional Networks, Universidad Columbia de Asunción (Paraguay), (June 1997).
  • Functional Networks, Universidad Tecnológica Nacional en Resistencia (Argentina), (May 1998).
  • Redes Funcionales" (tutorial), CIMAT, Guanajuato (México), Julio 1999.
  • Sistemas expertos probabilísticos" (tutorial), CIMAT, Guanajuato (México), Julio 1999.
  • Conjuntos ortogonales y métodos polares en Algebra Lineal", CIMAT, Guanajuato (México), Julio 1999.


    Visited Universities (Index)

  • ETH of Zurich (Switzerland) (Joint Research)
  • University of California Riverside (USA) (Joint Research)
  • Cornell University (USA) (Joint Research)
  • Le Havre University (France)
  • Manchester University (U.K.)
  • Glasgow University(U.K.)
  • Northwestern University (USA) (Joint Research)
  • Gratz University (Austria)
  • University of California Berkeley (USA)
  • Heildelberg University (Germany)
  • Hamburg University (Germany)
  • University of Madison (USA)
  • Catholic University of Valparaíso (Chile) (Course taught)
  • Santamaría University (Chile)
  • San Juán University (Argentina) (Course taught)
  • Las Villas University (Santa Clara (Cuba)) ((two occasions) Course taught)
  • Manizales University (Fundema) (Colombia) (Course taught (two occasions))
  • National University of San Andrés (Lima, Perú)
  • Catholic University of Lima (Perú)
  • Catholic University of La Paz (Bolivia) (Course taught)
  • Tomás Frías Autonomuos University of Potosí (Bolivia)(Course taught)
  • Universidad Nacional del Nordeste (Corrientes (Argentina)) (Course taught).
  • Universidad Columbia de Asunción (Paraguay).
  • Universidad Tecnológica Nacional de Resistencia (Argentina).
  • Universidad Nacional de Misiones en Posadas (Argentina).
  • CIMAT, Guanajuato (México).


    Itinerant course on Informatics and Computation (South America) (Index)

  • Enrique Castillo is the creator of the Itinerant Course of Specialization in Informatics and Computation which is taught by the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences of the University of Cantabria in South America. The aim of this Program is to collaborate to the development of underdeveloped countries by giving some university groups the capability to teach this program in the future. The University of Cantabria teaches the course only once in each University (two universities participate each year) and they get the obligation to teach the same course the following years. The program has visited Colombia (Konrad Lorenz University (Bogota) and the University of Manizales), Bolivia (National University of San Andrés in La Paz and Tomás Frías University in Potosí) in 1996, and Argentina (National Northeast University in Corrientes) in 1998.
  • Enrique Castillo is the Director of two Master Programs in Argentina (Corrientes and Posadas) and a Doctorate (National Northeast University in Corrientes).


    Visited Universities (Index)


    University of Cantabria - Cornell University Joint Program (Index)

    Engineering Computation Course Material

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