Carlos Beltrán

Professor of Mathematics

Universidad de Cantabria

Research interests: Numerical analysis, algorithms of continuous and discrete mathematics, distributions of points in manifolds.

I have been awarded the Jose Luis Rubio de Francia prize and the Stephen Smale prize. Together with Jordi Marzo and Quim Ortega-Cerdà we have received the Journal of Complexity Award 2016

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Métodos Numéricos

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Variable Compleja

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Here are some of my last works

You can see a list of my publications in this link.

The University of Cantabria makes available some of the articles in this link.

I have made make short videos on some of my works, such as the one below.

You can see them all in the TEAMCO website.

I am or have been the PI of these grants:

El problema de la distribución de puntos en la esfera (MTM2014-57590-p) from the Spanish Ministry of Science.

Condicionamiento y Complejidad (MTM2017-83816-P) from the Spanish Ministry of Science.

CondComp: condition and complexity of homotopy methods (21.SI01.64658) from Banco Santander and Universidad de Cantabria.

Design of Minimal Energy Sequences (DOMES), Grant PID2020-113887GB-I00 funded by MCIN/ AEI /10.13039/501100011033

Geogebra Transfer (see details here in Spanish), Grant SUBVTC-2021-0012 funded by Gobierno de Cantabria and Universidad de Cantabria

I'm the proud advisor of...

Pedro López-Gómez (ongoing. Codirected with Ujué Etayo)

Fátima Lizarte (Ph.D 2023)

Ujué Etayo (Ph.D 2019)

Juan G. Criado del Rey (Ph.D 2018. Codirected with Nuria Corral)

Check this wonderful video that Juan and Ujué prepared explaining their PhD (audio in Spanish)

I am currently the Research and Scientific Policy Vicechancelor of the Universidad de Cantabria

This means that I don't have that much time for my own mathematical research... but I hope to manage not to quit completely!

You can send me an email to this address:

You can also contact me by phone: (+34) 942202217.

If you need to send me something by postal mail, the address is:

Departamento Matesco. Facultad de Ciencias. Avenida Los Castros s/n. 39005 Santander, Cantabria, Spain