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Angel Cobo is a Full Professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences at the University of Cantabria.

He specializes in the mathematical modelization for the solution of scientific and engineering problems, using and developing new techniques in operations research, decision theory, and metaheuristics.

He is also Professor-Tutor in the Associated Center of Cantabria, in the National Distance Education University (UNED)


  • Ph.D. Science (Mathematics), Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences - University of Cantabria (1993)
  • M.B.A Business Administration, UNED (2002)
  • B.S. Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences - University of Cantabria (1990)


Dr. Cobo has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on applied mathematics and computer programming at several higher education institutions. His academic career began by teaching differential equations at the School of Civil Engineering at the Universirty of Cantabria. Later he he held teaching positions at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies, Faculty of Sciences and School of Industrial Engineering and Telecommunications.

Undergraduate courses taught:
  • Differential equations
  • Optimization Theory
  • Mathematics for Economists
  • Integral calculus
He has also taught courses of Master and PhD levels on the following topics:
  • Computer programming
  • Web-based applications
  • Decision theory
  • Scientific computation
He is currently Professor in the Master's degree programmes: Master's Degree in Mathematics and Computing (University of Cantabria), Master's Degree in Business and Information Technologies (University of Cantabria), and Master's Degree in Consulting and ITC integration in organizations (Polytechnic University of Valencia).
He has taught and given seminars and lectures in at various European and Latin American universities in Spain, Italy, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Cuba, Venezuela, Ecuador and Brazil.


His research has been diverse. It began in the areas of functional equations (doctoral thesis), artificial intelligence and operations research. In recent years the focus has been on the following areas:
  • Metaheuristics and Swarm Intelligence
  • Operations research
  • Decision making and Decision Support Systems
  • Data mining and Business Intelligence
  • e-learning and Web-based technologies
Prof. Cobo has published over 100 papers, books, conference proceedings and research reports in a variety of fields, including applied mathematics, computer science, information technology, education, and management. The most important publications are accessible in Research Gate

He is currently member of the following research groups:

Academic positions

Angel Cobo is Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Cantabria since 1993, Full Professor since 2018 and Professor-Tutor at UNED since 1995.

In past years he has also held the following academic positions at the University of Cantabria:
  • University Ombudsman (2013-2022)
  • Area Director for Undergraduate Programs and European Convergence (2006-2012)
  • Vice Dean at the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies (1996-2004)
  • Coordinator for International Relations in the business and management area (1999-2007)

Contact Information

Angel Cobo
Department of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences
University of Cantabria
Avenida de Los Castros s/n
39005 Santander (Spain)
E-mail: acobo@unican.es
Phone: 34-942-201830
Fax: 34-942-201603

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