Some of my research has been funded by: ECO2015-64467-R (MINECO/FEDER), XIII Ayudas Investigación en Economía de la Fundación Ramón Areces, ECO2012-35820, RecerCaixa 2011, ECO2009-09614, SEJ 2006-10827/ECON, VI Ayudas Investigación en Economía de la Fundación Ramón Areces, FIPROS 2006/13  Tesorería General de la Seguridad Social

Current Research

Wage Growth Gender Gaps at Early Ages Among College Graduated: Heterogeneity in Europe.  (Joint with R. Sánchez Mangas. COMING SOON.

Labor Market Frictions and the Lowest Low Fertility (Joint with N. Guner and E. Kaya). COMING SOON.

 ♦ Evolution of fertility in Spain: a cohort perspective.  (Joint with N. Ahn). November 2016.

Education Policy, Occupation-Mismatch and Unemployment. (Joint with F. Obiols-Homs). June 2017.

See coverage in Barcelona GSE Focus (here)

 ♦  Aggregating Elasticities: Intensive and Extensive Margins of Female Labour Supply. (Joint with O. Attanasio, Peter Levell and H. Low). January 2017.

The Effect of Public Pensions on Women Labor Market Participation over a Full Life-Cycle. (Joint with C. Bethencourt- Marrero). January 2016.

Aggregate Shocks and House Prices Fluctuations. (Joint with J.V. Ríos-Rull). March 2012.

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♦ Movilidad de Rentas y Convergencia. Documento de trabajo de la Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, 2002, 02-11.



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See coverage in Politikon (here) and Nada es Gratis (here).

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