Technical Session on

New Developments on Computer Algebra Packages, NDCAP'2006

Castro Urdiales, SPAIN, September 1-3 2006


This session will focus on new software developments (packages, notebooks, worksheets, libraries, etc.) carried out on any computer algebra package and introducing innovative solutions to mathematical and scientific problems. Thus, we accept papers describing research on actual or possible applications of these systems to any scientific field (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Education, Industry, etc.).

In addition to their powerful symbolic manipulation capabilities, the computer algebra packages also provide the users with a large number of appealing features, such as arbitrary-precision calculations, a fully integrated framework for numerical/symbolic computation, nice visualization tools and graphical user interfaces (GUIs), reliable and fast communication tools and protocols, the possibility of running remote kernels and performing calculations on the Web, etc. Papers exploring any of those issues to solve complex problems as well as papers describing strategies to combine them with other programs and/or packages are also welcome.

Finally, papers identifying new directions of research, presenting new software systems or discussing the potential and real advantages and shortcomings of these computer algebra packages for mathematical software will also be considered.

The topics to be addressed include (but are not limited to):