Sixth International Workshop on

Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, CGGM'2007

Graduate University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing, China, May 27-30 2007


Please, find below the tentative schedule for the workshop. It will be organized in four sessions (labelled acccording to the ICCS'2007 general schedule) of 100 minutes each as follows:

Tuesday 29th 2007

Session 1
Tue, 29 May 2007
14:20 - 16:00

5 regular papers (20 min. each)

  1. An Artificial Inmune System Approach for B-spline Surface Approximation  Problem
    Author(s): E. Ulker, V. Isler
    Presenter: E. Ulker, Selcuk University, TURKEY
  2. The Shannon Entropy-based Node Placement for Enrichment and Simplification of Meshes
    Author(s): V. Savchenko, M. Savchenko, O. Egorova, I. Hagiwara
    Presenter: O. Egorova, Tokyo Institute of Technology, JAPAN
  3. Parameterization of 3D Surface Patches by Straightest Distances
    Author(s): S. Lee, H. Lee
    Presenter: S. Lee, Hongik University, SOUTH KOREA
  4. Facial Expression Recognition based on Emotion Dimensions on Manifold Learning
    Author(s): Y.S. Shin
    Presenter: Y.S. Shin, Chosun University, SOUTH KOREA
  5. Resolving Oclussion Method of virtual Object in Simulation using Snake and Picking Algorithm
  6. Author(s): G.Y. Kim, H.I. Choi
    Presenter: Cha Jeong Lee, Soongsil University, SOUTH KOREA

Session 2
Tue, 29 May 2007
17:10 - 18:50

5 regular papers (20 min. each)

  1. AI Framework for Decision Modeling in Behavioral Animation of Virtual Avatars
    Author(s): A. Iglesias, F. Luengo
    Presenter: A. Iglesias, University of Cantabria, SPAIN
  2. Studies on Shape Feature Combination and Efficient Categorization of 3D Models
    Author(s): T.Y. Lv, G.B. Liu, J.M. Pang, Z.X. Wang
    Presenter: T.Y. Lv, Jilin University, CHINA
  3. A Generalized-Mutual-Information-Based Oracle for Hierarchical Radiosity
    Author(s): J. Rigau, M. Feixas, M. Sbert
    Presenter: J. Rigau, Institut d’Informatica i Aplications, Girona, SPAIN
  4. Rendering Technique for Colored Paper Mosaic
    Author(s): Y.S. Park, S.H. Seo, Y.J. Gi, H.N. Song, K.H. Yoon
    Presenter: Y.S. Park, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, SOUTH KOREA
  5. Real-Time Simulation of Surface Gravity Ocean Waves Based on the TMA Spectrum
    Author(s): N. Baek, N. Lee, K.W. Ryu
    Presenter: N. Lee, Kyiungpook National University, SOUTH KOREA


Wednesday 30th 2007
Session 3
Wed, 30 May 2007
10:40 - 12:20

2 regular papers (20 min. each) + 4 short papers (10 min. each)

  1. Determining Knots with Quadratic Polynomial Precision
    Author(s): C.M. Zhang
    Presenter: X.H. Ji, CHINA
  2. Interactive Cartoon Rendering and Sketching of Clouds and Smoke
    Author(s): E.J. Alvarez, C. Campos, S.G. Meire, R. Quirós, J. Huerta
    Presenter: J. Huerta, University Jaume I, Castellon, SPAIN

11:20-12:20: SHORT PAPERS
  1. Dynamic Data Path Prediction in network Virtual Environment
    Author(s): S.M. Jeong, G.T. Hur, S.D. Ra
    Presenter: S.H. Song, Dongshin University, SOUTH KOREA
  2. Modeling Inlay/Onlay Prostheses with mesh Deformation Techniques
    Author(s): K.H. Yoo, J.S. Ha, J.S. Yoo
    Presenter: J.S. Yoo, Chungbuk National University, SOUTH KOREA
  3. Stained Glass Rendering with Smooth Tile Boundary
    Author(s): S.H. Seo, H.C. Lee, H.C. Nah, K.H. Yoon
    Presenter: S.H. Heo, CAU CG Lab, SOUTH KOREA
  4. Guaranteed Adaptive Antialiasing using Interval Arithmetic
    Author(s): J. Florez, M. Sbert, M.A. Sainz, J. Vehi
    Presenter: M. Sbert, Institut d’Informatica i Aplications, Girona, SPAIN


Session 4
Wed, 30 May 2007
13:50 - 15:30

  4 regular papers (20 min. each)

  1. Graphics Hardware-based Level-Set Method for Interactive Segmentation and Visualization
    Author(s): H. Hong, S.J. Park
    Presenter: S.J. Park, Seoul National University, SOUTH KOREA
  2. Pose Insensitive 3D Retrieval by Poison Shape Histogram
    Author(s): X. Pan
    Presenter: X. Pan, Zhejian University of Technology, CHINA
  3. Point-Sampled Surface Simulation Based on Mass-Spring System
    Author(s): Z. Su, X. Zhou, X. Liu, F. Liu, X. Shi
    Presenter: Z. Su, Dalian University of Technology, CHINA
  4. Sweeping Surface Generated by a Class of Generalized Quasi-Cubic Interpolation Spline
    Author(s): B.Y. Su, J.Q. Tan
    Presenter: B.Y. Su, Hefei University of Technology, CHINA