Fourth International Workshop on

Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, CGGM'2005

Emory University, Atlanta, USA, May 22-25 2005

Paper submission

The Workshop offers prospective authors to send a full paper by e-mail. An early email with your intention to submit a paper would be greatly appreciated (especially if you have doubts about the relevance of your paper). The papers should be sent to Andres Iglesias:

All submissions must be written in English. Send the paper as an attachment provided that the size of the message is reasonable (less than, let's say, 4 MB). Otherwise, please contact us before sending the paper. 

Acceptable formats are pdf and postscript (use extension .pdf or .ps, respectively). Please, check that you have included all the fonts required when generating the .pdf files, so that your paper can be read properly on any platform. Exceptionally (and only for your initial submission), we can accept papers written in Microsoft Word. However, keep in mind that the final version of your paper should be, in general, written in LaTeX (either LaTeX 2.09 or 2e) according to the rules of LNCS and should not exceed eight pages.

In addition to the paper, you can send a list of two or three possible referees for your paper, explaining why do you propose them. However, there is not guarantee that your paper will be reviewed by some of the proposed reviewers. This list is intended to assure that the review process is performed at due time. Therefore, it will be used only if we are unable to find other reviewers for your paper.

After receiving your submission, the paper will be reviewed taking into account:

and acceptance/rejection will be based on this review. If a paper is rejected you will be contacted and given the referee reports. It may well be that your paper is more suited to be submitted to another workshop or conference.

Decision on acceptance will be performed in two steps: based on the referee reports, an unofficial (conditional) acceptance from the workshop programme committee will be sent. This acceptance will be subsequently confirmed by the ICCS'2005 organizers.

All accepted papers will be published as full papers by Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes in Computer Science Series and will be available for the delegates in printed form. In addition, all accepted papers will be scheduled for oral presentation. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper.

Papers should be a maximum of 8 pages A4, formatted using the LNCS guidelines. The style files for the LNCS can be found at the following URL:


The initial submission of the paper for peer review must be a full paper (up to 8 pages), not an extended abstract. Your final paper (if accepted) must (MUST!) be formatted according to the rules of the LNCS, in order to be accepted and published. This point will be checked very carefully.