Fifth International Workshop on

Computer Algebra Systems and Their Applications, CASA'2007

Beijing, China, May 27-30 2007

Great Wall
Forbidden City
Beijing Opera picture


The workshop will be held in Beijing (China), one of the most vibrant and exciting places all over the world. Serving as the capital city of China's Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, its long history has endowed the city with countless historic and scenic spots which boast of precious value of aesthetic. Now more than 200 such scenic spots are open to the public while some 50 historic and scenic spots are visited by overseas tourists all year round. In addition to famous monuments such as the Great Wall (above, left), the Forbiden City (above, midddle), the Temple of Heaven (below, left), Tian'anmen Square (below, middle), Ming Tomb (below, right) and many others, the city will host the Olympic Games in 2008. Cultural activities, such as the Beijing Opera (above, right) are also must-see attractions of this dynamic city.

Great Wall
Tianamen Square
Beijing Opera picture

More information about the city (including general information, weather and time, photo galleries, attractions, museums, accomodation, food, travel information and much more) can be found at:

See the following link for a short descriptions of the must-see Beijing attractions:

Visit also this Web Page for additional information on Beijing:

Some maps of the city are available below:

Beijing Map
Beijing Main spots
Beijing Opera picture


Jiuhua Spa & Resort 九 华山庄)

As a royal palace in the old days, Jiuhua Spa & Resort (九华山庄) undoubtedly features a deep accumulation of culture, which is reflected in its architectures of Ming & Qing style and places of interests. Next to the Six Ring Road, and forty minutes’ drive from the Beijing International Airport, Jiuhua Spa & Resort is the nearest holiday inn away from the downtown. The conference has negotiated special rates with the Jiuhua Spa & Resort.

All Standard rooms have Internet access.

Price of Standard rooms:

In area 10th, $50 per day for International participants, RMB 380 per day for Domestic Chinese participants; (Including breakfast, mainly for student participants)

In area 15th, $60 per day for International participants, RMB 450 per day for Domestic Chinese participants; (Including breakfast)

In area 16th, $70 per day for International participants, RMB 540 per day for Domestic Chinese participants; (Including breakfast)


  1. Check-out before 12:00 at noon. Check-out after 12:00 but before 18:00, a half-day rate will be charged; check-out after 18:00, one day rate will be charged.
  2. First come, first serve.

Conference venue

Academy of Sciences

For updated information about the conference venue, please refer to this page.

The conference hotel of ICCS 2007 will be Jiuhua Spa & Resort (九华山庄) Beijing ( with a room rate of $50 to $70. It has 60 conference rooms and 1000 guest rooms.