International Workshop on

Computer Algebra Systems and Their Applications, CASA'2003

Saint Petersburg, Russian Federation, June 2-4, 2003

Workshop program

As indicated in the main page, this workshop is a part of the ICCS'2003 conference. Therefore, the workshop program is determined by the general conference ICCS organizers. The preliminary program for the workshop is:

Monday, June 2

Session 1:  15:00 - 16:15  (3 talks)

Workshop presentation: information about FGCS Special Issue

Talk 1: Ali Yazici, Tanil Ergenc, Irfan Altas "Romberg Integration: A Symbolic Approach with Mathematica"

Talk 2: Annick Dhooge, Willy Govaerts, Yuri A. Kuznetsov "Numerical continuation of fold bifurcations of limit cycles in MATCONT"

Talk 3: Victor Aladjev "Computer Algebra System Maple: A New Software Library"

Session 2: 16:45 - 18:00 (4 talks)

Talk 4
: Juan M. Olazabal "Computer Aided Symbolic Linear Algebra"

Talk 5: Alfred Noel "Computing maximal tori using Lie and Mathematica"

Talk 6: Igor Gahckov "Error-Correcting codes with Mathematica"

Talk 7: A. Cepulkauskas, R. Kulvietien, G. Kulvietis "Computer Algebra for Analyzing the vibrations of nonlinear structures"

Tuesday, June 3

Session 3: 10:00 - 11:15 (4 talks)

Talk 8: Giovannina Albano, Bernardo D'Auria, and Saverio Salerno "A webMathematica application for mathematics learning"

Talk 9: Vitaly Eltekov "Checking the four-valued Boolean algebra by the use PLANNER"

Talk 10: Unal Ufuktepe "An application with webMathematica"

Talk 11: Fernando Diez, Roberto Moriyon. "Strategies for the Interactive Resolution of Calculus Problems"

Session 4: 11:45 - 14:15 (6 talks)

Talk 12: Francisco Botana. "A Web-based Intelligent System for Geometric Discovery"

Talk 13: Stefano Bistarelli, Giandominico Boffi, Fabio Rossi. "Computer Algebra for Fingerprint Matching"

Talk 14: Ahmet Yantir, Unal Ufuktepe. "Basic Calculus on Time Scale with Mathematica"

Talk 15: Hirokazu Anai, Hitoshi Yanami. "SyNRAC: A Maple-package for solving real algebraic constrains"

Talk 16: Armando G. M. Neves. "Symbolic Computation of High-Order Exact Picard Iterates for Systems of Linear Differential Equations with Time-Periodic Coefficients"

Talk 17: Akemi Galvez, Andres Iglesias. "Binary Distillation Column Design Through McCabe-Thiele Method Using Mathematica"