Rodrigo Alcaraz de la Osa

Not a mad scientist

E-DDA, a Fortran code for calculating scattering and absorption of light by irregular particles with general (scalar or tensorial) optical properties, has been jointly developed by R. Alcaraz de la Osa (Dept. of Applied Physics, University of Cantabria) and P. Albella (Dept. of Physics, Imperial College London). E-DDA is publicly available, and is covered by the GNU General Public License. If you choose to use it, please do not hesitate to contact me at if you have any question/comment.

If you publish results obtained with E-DDA, please cite the following reference:

R. Alcaraz de la Osa, P. Abella, J. M. Saiz and F. Moreno, "Extended discrete dipole approximation and its application to bianisotropic media," Opt. Express 18 (23), 23865-23871 (2010).

Downlading the code

You can download the latest version of the code from here.

Description of the input/output files and usage of the code

Input files (3 in total):

Output files (18 files in total):

Compiling the code

An example compilation file is given, called The user should change gfortran to whatever Fortran compiler he/she uses. By now, only GFortran and Intel Fortran Compiler have been tested.

Simply enter:


in your Terminal.

Running the example calculation

Once the code is compiled in its original folder (src), the user should have 4 files in the parent directory, namely:

All you need to do is enter, in Terminal:


and wait until the calculation is finished.