Adamou Ibrahim


I am currently working at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science in the University of Maradi as a permanent Professor.
I did my PhD at the Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Department in the University of Cantabria with a contract under the SAGA (ShApes, Geometry and Algebra) Network. More information about the SAGA network can be found at More information about my thesis can be found: here
My research work deals with:
- Computng an algebraic represention of bisectors / medial axis / Voronoi Diagram (2D and 3D) .
- The problem of computing the number of real roots of a polynomial matrix and its application to the resolution of several problems in Computer Aided Geometric Design involving the manipulation of curves and surfaces such as dealing with offsets and bisectors / medial axis / Voronoi Diagram (2D and 3D) without computing an exact description (parametric or implicit) of these objects.

Member of:
- Africa Mathematics Project NLAGA (Non Linear Analysis, Geometry and Applications), founded by the Simons Foundation.
- Spanish research project MTN2011-25816-C02-02 ALGORITMOS Y APLICACIONES EN GEOMETRÍA REAL Y TROPICAL founded by Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness.
- GeoGebra Institute of Niger .

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    Adamou Ibrahim

    Département de Mathématiques et Informatique

    Université de Maradi, BP: 465 Maradi, Niger

    e-mail: (+34)693519066 (Spain) (+227)90597766 (Niger)